Hometown Gourmet

Hometown Gourmet

Remember the town you grew up in and the special restaurant where you went with your family to celebrate special events? You knew the Chef by name and he came to your table to ask if you were enjoying your meal. Remember how good the food tasted? Welcome to Hometown Cuisine Gourmet – your new favorite Hometown place for Chef Inspired Foods your customers will love.

Hometown Cuisine Gourmet Chef Inspired Foods are delicious and easy to prepare…. Just heat and Eat.

Hometown Cuisine Gourmet Ready-to- Cook Marinated Meats are “Grill-Ready” and easy to prepare.

Whether your customers are cooking for their family, or preparing a special meal for a group of friends, Hometown Cuisine Gourmet Chef Inspired Foods are convenient to prepare and deliver a premium restaurant quality taste your customers will love. We deliver the taste your customers crave and the incremental sales and profits you seek.

And your customers will like the price as well. All Hometown Cuisine Gourmet Retail sized products are designed to sell for $10 or less!

Call Brian Levy at 323-231-777 for more information on how Hometown Cuisine Gourmet can help you build ready-to-eat Sales and Profits in your stores.