Food Safety

We are committed to producing the safest food products

We begin by using the highest quality raw materials only from approved sources. All raw material suppliers are required to meet stringent guidelines in the humane processing of live animals as well as validation and verification of microbial interventions.

  • HAACP Certified
  • Silliker Audited for Food Safety Systems and GMP – Highest rating – Excellent
  • BRC GFSI Certified
  • Third Party Review and Oversight by Food Safety Solutions
  • Facilities have In-House Chemical Laboratories
  • Extensive Testing Programs for Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli 0157:h7, and other pathogens

We achieve our commitment to unsurpassed product quality and safety by strict adherence to a proprietary Six Step First Pass Quality approach developed by recognized food safety experts and professionals.

  1. Supplier Certification and Audit Programs
  2. Strict Transportation & Receiving Standards
  3. Microbiological Testing for Enteric Food-borne Pathogens
  4. Strict Operational and Pre-Operational Sanitation Standards
  5. Electronic Inventory Tracking Systems for Lot Identification and Tracking
  6. Intensive Finished Product Evaluations and Sample Retention

We are confident that the quality assurance protocols that we employ are the “Best in Class” to guarantee uncompromised safety and wholesomeness with every package we produce.